Friday, July 2, 2004

Reliable Synchronization – finally

At least if you own a desktop computer and a notebook you want to synchronize the contents of some folder between each two. You might also work at home for your company and want to make sure that the changes files are transferred back to the server. That’s what synchronization is good for.

I can’t remember how many times I tried out several file synchronization tools. Since I own both a normal desktop computer and a notebook it crucial to keep the files in sync or I’m suddenly stuck at the end of the world with an old file. At least one feature was missing from each of the products I checked. Either there was no preview (what will be done), no backup function (important file deleted by accident – nice) or no bidirectional synchronization (indeed, I usually change files on my notebook and want them to appear on my desktop).

Today I came across the program “ViaVersa Pro” from which finally is the solution. Although it costs 60 bucks it offers all the features you need to keep any resource in sync. It offer a easily to understand preview what it will do, it can backup files before it deletes them and it offers bidirectional synchronization.

After several hours of testing with both a server connection (using VPN) and local desktop to notebook tests it really looks as this is finally the solution. They offer a 30 days trial version so you can test for yourself it’s worth the 60 USD. I will buy it for sure.

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