Saturday, July 24, 2004

Panda Platinum 7 Antivirus Free

Panda Software released Panda Antivirus for free as a “lure” for companies to purchase their corporate solutions.

As my good friend CptSiskoX just reported Panda Antivirus Platinum is available for free at this time from Panda Antivirus Platinum has already earned a lot of awards so it properly worth a look. Of course you need to register once the software is installed but if you fear to tell them your real email address, simply use a throwaway email address.

Please note that that once you have filled out the form to get the download, you'll receive an email from containing your serial number. Armed with this serial number you go to and enter your personal information there.

You will get a generated username and password that you need to type into the options of the program so it will automatically download new updates from the Panda Software Site. Since the installation requires some reboots, you properly will need round about 20 Minutes for downloading, installing, registering and updating the program.

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