Monday, September 10, 2012

A feature phone with ActiveSync support: GT-C3560

If there is really something I couldn’t live without than it is my Exchange server and the synchronization using ActiveSync. With it, I keep two computers, an Android phone and a Windows Mobile device in sync.

However, I also have a feature phone I use when I go out with friends. I only need a phone for quick “Where are you right now?” calls or for emergencies in this case.

What I really missed was the option to sync this feature phone with my Exchange as well. Adding all the important tasks by hand is a solution, but I’m just to lazy so I often end up with outdated contacts on the phone.

I sought for a device that was cheap but still supports ActiveSync. Last week I finally found it: Samsung GT-C3560. A simple clamshell phone and a price tag of well below 100€. The magic feature is however that it includes a RoadSync client that can synchronize with Exchange!

Simply go to Communications – Exchange ActiveSync and set up the parameters as you would do with any other device (ActiveSync URL, Username, password, Use SSL etc.)

pic2a  pic1b

After that, simply select what you want to sync. Please keep in mind: This is a phone with 50 MB (not GB) of memory. Don’t even think about syncing all emails in full with this device! I selected the last three days and headers only but this caused the phone memory to be 60% utilized anyway.

During the initial sync the RoadSync client is activated (takes some time) and that’s it. After that, you can access your Exchange data with this simple menu:


All Exchange contacts will be merged with the Contact of the phone so you always have an up-to-date contact list. New contacts you create on the phone are saved to Exchange upon the next sync.

For Emails, it only syncs some standard folders (Inbox, Drafts, Trash) but this should be enough anyway. A Sync schedule can be defined as well so it really contains everything you need.

To be honest, this all worked out just well and I’m really happy with this little device.

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