Thursday, August 7, 2008

Improving the SGH-i780

After nearly three years with a Palm Treo 650, I decided to buy a new mobile Email machine. Because I now have a full Exchange account, I needed to get a Windows Mobile Device this time.

Evaluating several devices (HTC S730, Motorola Q9, Palm Treo 750) I thought the phone that best suits me would be the Samsung SGH-i780. Especially because it has no D-Pad, but instead a touch pad that is easy to use and makes handling a snap.

However, as soon as you want to scroll down a longer email, or viewing a normal website there is one thing were the touch pad sucks: Scrolling. Because of the mouse-like handling you always have to move the cursor to the scrollbars and click on it. This is just plain time consuming. After a short while you will miss a simple D-Pad desperately.

Good: The SGH-i780 has a two buttons on the left side (Volume Up and Down) and another button on the right side (Short press: Mini Media Player, Long press: Camera) that could be used to simulate Up/Down and Enter. Bad: You can't reconfigure these buttons with the normal settings Samsung offers.

... until you get AE Button Plus from Alexander Eltsyn which allows you to reconfigure any (yes, really any) key your device has. You can even double and triple (!) assign any key.

With this software for just 8$ I simply reconfigured the three button to be up, down and Enter (Long press on the Camera key is still the camera) and now I can work on my emails without using the touch pad.

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