Thursday, January 25, 2007

DataTableGenerator: Generate a DataTable from any class

In any modern application, you deal with a lot of custom classes, like Employee, Article, or Manager - each of them having their own properties, member variables, and methods.

Often, you need a quick way to capture the current values of the class at once, view the current data contained in them, or simply transform all values to an XML file.

Luckily, there is class that is able to do all of this already: the DataTable. A DataTable can contain thousands of rows, dozens of columns, can be easily viewed by using a grid, and finally, using XmlSerializer, can be turned easily to an XML file.

The only question is how a custom class can transformed to a DataTable? Well, this is exactly where Xteq.Data.DataTableGenerator jumps in I describe at CodeProject.

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